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Todd J. Bushta, CPA

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Client Testimonials

“The annual local audit and federal single audit of the Stroudsburg Area School District have been performed by TJ Bushta for each of the five years I've been Business Manager here.  Having worked with three other auditing firms in my 22 years in another district, I have some basis for comparison.”

“It was clear from the beginning that TJ is a professional and takes seriously his role of providing the Board and external stakeholders with assurances that the District's financial statements accurately reflect the District's financial activities and financial position.  We value his opinion on our statements and internal processes, knowing the care and experience that went into his audit. TJ is an outstanding public speaker, who has the ability to genuinely communicate these complicated financial matters in a truly useable and understandable way, benefiting the Board in making their decisions.”

“As a manager providing the auditor with all of the needed information, I appreciate the fact that once the fieldwork begins, it continues without major interruption until complete.  TJ is present on site and most active every day of the engagement. The one-day-on-three-days-off process that some audit firms employ is very disruptive, and we've never experienced that with TJ.  It's also helpful that the lengthy list of items we need to provide for the audit is well-organized and received well ahead of the fieldwork.”

“As a steward of the District's resources, I also appreciate the fact that deadlines are adhered to and that the annual audit fee covers any help we need throughout the year.  Whether I need advice mid-year on the best way to set up a new fund or the Board needs an explanation of fund balances during the budget process, TJ will be there without additional charge.”

“I certainly recommend Mr. Bushta to any school district desiring to engage a well-experienced professional for this important function.”

Stroudsburg Area School District, Don Jennings, Business Manager

“TJ has been performing our audit for a number of years now and we have always found him to extremely knowledgeable in the field of non profit accounting and auditing.  We have relied on his recommendations and direct communications with oversight agencies to assist us in our negotiations with the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration of Children and Families, Office of Head Start in Philadelphia, PA and Washington D.C. in matters of grant contracts and tri-annual federal review results, policies and best practices.”

“It has been our Finance Committee and Board of Directors' experience that TJ presents the annual audit in a clear and concise manner to which 'everyman' can clearly understand and absorb.  TJ is a rare find among the many in his field and he truly stands out against the rest. Questions, when asked are answered immediately and with supporting documentation on hand as though he know the questions already.  This has been commented on directly by members of the Board of Directors and deeply appreciated by Board.  TJ is always willing and available to attend additional meetings when requested, at no additional cost as well.”

“TJ is present and on site everyday to perform fieldwork. We are grateful that I don’t have to ‘train the new audit team’ every year. This fieldwork is performed in a timely and professional manner and in accordance with our visitor's policy.  TJ is personable and polite and always the consummate professional.  We have never had any issues with late filing or missing deadlines as a result of scheduling with TJ.  Everything is filed on time and in order.”

“TJ has never charged our agency for any additional work or tasks requested by us nor has he billed us for additional office visits, meetings, phone calls, emails or copies. This is a very rare occurrence in this field and one that we deeply appreciate being a non-profit.” 

“I would like to say that in my 25 years of working in the field of accounting and non profit, I have never met a person as dedicated, professional, ethical and supportive to his clients as I have experienced with TJ. ”

Pocono Services For Families and Children (Head Start),

Karen Hughes Meyles, Fiscal Director